Thai Lanna in Avon, Indiana

Deborah and I were out and about tonight, and it wasn’t long before we were hungry for nourishment…and a little adventure.   I remembered that a new “Thai” restaurant had recently opened on US 36 in Avon, and quick as a flash we were on our way!

We pulled into the Thai Lanna and had no idea what to expect.  Neither of us had eaten Thai before and we were anxious to find out what it was all about.

As we walked inside, we  were pleasantly surprised by the very clean and tastefully decorated full-service restaurant.  No “fast-food” here.  The dining room had about 20 tables and at 7:00pm on a cold Monday night about half of the tables were full.

Our server “Jason” was very kind and attentive and helped us decifer the menu and choose our meals.   At his suggestion, Deborah and I both chose the Padd Thai, a stir-fried rice noodle with your choice of meat, prepared with eggs, bean sprouts, tofu, green onions, dried shrimp and ground peanuts.   We also decided to start with Pla muk Thod, which is fried calamari served with a sweet chile sauce.

Jason served our Thai salad first, and it was delicious.  Similar to American slaw but with a much spicier dressing…it had us excited and ready for the next course.

Our Pla muk Thod appetizer was to-die-for!  The calamari had been dipped in a light tempura batter, perfectly deep fried, and served with a very mild sauce.  This was perhaps the best calamari I have personally eaten!

Then came the main course of Padd Thai.  Jason served it up quickly and piping hot!  It’s always an experience to dive into a new dish that you’ve never tasted before, and Deborah and I were both anxious to get started.   The noodles, bean sprouts, chicken, etc all blended perfectly, and we were both immediately hooked!  We had both chosen the “medium” version, meaning not too terribly spicy..but it was plenty spicy enough.  Deborah would have preferred just a tad more mild, while it was perfect for my palate.   Midway through our meal, Jason brought us a complimentary glass of Thai tea to try.  He said it was completely different than what we’d had before, and he was spot-on!   It was sweet, and almost fruity..with a slightly rich consistency…and an absolute treat!!

Although we normally don’t include dessert with our meal, tonight we decided to splurge and we ordered fried banana’s with coconut ice-cream.  Unfortunately, somewhere there was a mis-communication, and our dessert was never made.  Just as well, we were stuffed from feast we’d just finished.  It really wasn’t a big deal for us.

The total bill for our meal came to just under $30.00, and it was worth every penny!

Deborah and I were completely satisfied with our experience at Thai Lanna, even with the dessert mix-up.  We’re already sorting through the carry-out menu to plan our next meal there!

Thai Lanna is located at 9655 E US Hwy 36 in Avon, Indana.  They are open Monday through Saturday 11-2, 5-9.   Sunday 4-8.   Tel: 317-426-3420.  Owner: Sangkane Thongphay.

Dave Danz
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One thought on “Thai Lanna in Avon, Indiana

  1. If you had never had Thai food before this… then you still haven’t really had Thai food. It is more Pan-Asian than Thai.

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