Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

Last night Deborah and I were ready for another culinary adventure, and we were both in the mood for pizza.    I had recently been introduced to Jacamo’s Upper Crust Pizza during a recent business lunch, so we decided to drive to Greenwood and give this place a try for our Friday night chow. We picked up Garrett at home and headed south, 28 miles, to have pizza!   I know, you’re already questioning my sanity….why would anyone drive 28 miles for a pizza??   Afterall, we must be passing a hundred pizza joints along the way.  Crazy?  Yeah, like a fox!  
When we pulled into the parking lot, we were immediately disappointed.  The lot was packed, people were waiting outside, and it looked like the wait was going to be longer than the drive was.    We dejectedly made our way across the lot and checked in with the hostess, who told us we’d be waiting about 45 minutes for a table.  Yikes!  We were starving!   We tried bribing the young lady with a big fat tip…but she didn’t bite.   We reluctantly decided to wait it out.    It was a beautiful night, so we told the hostess she could find us sitting outside on the patio, probably chewing on paint-chips off the picnic tables to tide us over until we got seated.
Much to our surprise, our name got called in 20 minutes, and we were off to our table!    The dining room is simple, clean, and very packed!   It’s obvious, this place is a favorite among the Greenwood crowd.    We’d already previewed the menu, and had decided we were going to try a large pizza with half “Cheese Louise”, and the other half, “Meatball”.   We ordered an appetizer of breadsticks and drinks, and settled in for what we thought would be a long wait.
Within minutes our server had 6 hot breadsticks and two tubs of dips (nacho cheese and alfredo) at our table.   The breadsticks were good, but nothing special.  The nacho cheese was about the same….it was good, but nothing special.  The alfredo sauce however, was nothing short of amazing!!   It was thick and hot and delicious!!!  
Our wait for the pizza was still another 20 minutes or so, but since we had a little something in our tummies to go with the paint-chips we ate on the patio, we were ok.  Deborah and I can kill a lot of time waiting on dinner, and with Garrett there, we had plenty of great conversation and it didn’t seem too long of a wait. Soon enough we had our pie on the table, and it looked amazing!!    Half of it was covered with cheddar, ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, gouda, red onions, and bacon……which is nothing short of heaven in your mouth!!    If they give out awards to people who make up the best combination of ingredients for pizza, the creator of this masterpiece should be nominated!    The other half was more of a traditional pizza, except each piece had a real life meatball perched on top.  
Our pizza was among the best I’ve ever had!  The service was a smidgen slow, but very friendly and attentive.   I imagine the ovens were cooking pizza as fast as possible, but there were A LOT of pies, and we weren’t annoyed by the wait. 
Overall, this turned out to be a fabulous choice for dinner….well worth the $36 tab, and the 56 mile round-trip.    I absolutely recommend giving this place a try, and if you don’t choose the “Cheese Louise” version….you’re missing a real treat!
Deborah and I are anxious to hear how our friend Nina likes this place!!!!
Jockamo has 2 locations, one in Greenwood, and the original in the Irvington area.
The location where we dined was 401 Market Plaza, just south of old town Greenwood.   Phone number is: 317-883-8993.
Dave Danz

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One thought on “Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

  1. Thanks for your kind comments. We appreciate your support and hope you will be back. If you facebook, please join our fan page there.
    The Jockamo Owner
    PS- Next time the house special creamy parm with your breadsticks…it’s addictive.

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